Thursday, June 16

Iain Macarthur

While we are looking at bird pictures, here's a couple more. I like that this guy owns his style. It seems like he's just doodling and having fun, but also making great works. Enjoy.

This one's for Russ

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Wednesday, June 15

Stephanie Martin

I like birds. And I like etchings. Enjoy.

Orange-crowned Warbler

Marsh Wren

Four Crowns

Bird in Hand

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Tuesday, June 14

David Carol

It's great to see some good old fashioned film work. A bit contrasty, but that's part of the beauty. These photos give us a view of roadside Americana. I can't even count the number of photos of American flags in his portfolio. Enjoy.

This one's for Sean

This one's for me

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Monday, June 13

Crystal Gregory

Think these are really neat, almost like spiderwebs. Enjoy.

Invasive Crochet

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